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Scientists Stay Tuned to All Trends

The Russian Daily Izvestiya (web publication), Yulia Zelenina. Nov. 18, 2014

Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences develop unique innovation projects. Recently, the public at large has witnessed the competition of R&D commercialization projects organized by the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations and the Skolkovo Foundation. A total of 243 projects were presented. 104 projects have gone through a competitive process and 33 of them have become winners and can apply for the Skolkovo grant for further promoting their projects.

Project of the Pereslavl Institute has a Chance to Receive a Grant from Skolkovo

Pro-pereslavl Web Paper, Alena Kukushkina, Nov. 24, 2014

The Skolkovo Foundation together with the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations organized a competition of R&D commercialization projects. A total of 243 projects were presented. By results of the competition Ailamazyan Program Systems Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences has appeared to be one of the winners. The Institute presented the CHUDOM® project (from Russian Sensitive Home).

A Home That Thinks of You

Xpir Web Paper, Nina Shatalova, July, 2016

Is it possible to teach a house to be sensitive to the desires and needs of its owners? The CHUDOM® company offered its approach to home automation. 
The system has already received a positive assessment of Skolkovo and FASO Russia experts. Project Manager and Director of PSI of RAS Sergei Abramov told about features and benefits of our new Xpir product.

Skolkovo IT Cluster Focused on the Development of the IoT Ecosystem in Russia

LinkedIn Web Paper, Alexander Anufrienko, March 16, 2016

The Russian IoT Association was established last year and it is affiliated with the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation. The Association includes application developers, telecom operators, equipment manufacturers and integrators. One of the first steps of the Association was the development of proposals for new areas of research and measures for standardization of the Internet of Things both at national and international levels.

Smart home systems do an outstanding job of uploading a new movie, setting air conditioner on 71ºF, closing the blinds, switching on the oven and warming up your pizza or even making lights dim; yet there are cases where something goes wrong: voltage surge, sparking contact, equipment failure…


The research is carried out by "Sensitive home" with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

The project "Sensitive home" is supported by the START-1 and START-2 Grant of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.




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