CHUDOM® Project

Чуткий дом
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The CHUDOM® system (Sensitive Home), currently under development, is a self-learning home automation system designed for detecting anomalies and malfunctioning of equipment and proactively determining fault probabilities. The CHUDOM® system is sensible of house problems.
The system comprises a sensor network of a house, a cloud service for collecting and analyzing sensor data, web services, and mobile applications.
The CHUDOM® project is the finalist of the  competition of R&D commercialization projects organized by the Skolkovo Foundation together with the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations in 2014.

Short presentation of the product

«The Sensitive home»

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The research is carried out by "Sensitive home" with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

The project "Sensitive home" is supported by the START-1 and START-2 Grant of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises.




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